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Disinfectant Tunnel Machine made by Professor Ganga Singh – Coronavirus Disinfection – Sanitize with no sanitizer

Disinfectant Tunnel: – This tunnel can able to sanitize with no sanitizer, all non-living things like Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPE), Masks, Mobile Phones, Books, and Keys etc. can sanitize without touching it.

In this concentrated short-wavelength light is used to kill or inactivate microorganisms, viruses like coronavirus. When this light comes in contact with a single-strand RNA virus (coronavirus) this will inactivate. Sterilize the surface within 30 seconds. This method of sanitization is cost-effective and fast in the control environment.

This can be implemented on the boundaries of states to sanitize non-living things during transportation on a large scale. This is helpful for hospitals where the shortage of PPE (Personal Protective equipment). This can sanitize PPE before and after use so that this disinfectant PPE can reuse. This can implement in Banks to sanitize money. Small Disinfectant Tunnels can sanitize non-living goods brought from the market which decreases the spread of COVID-19.


Figure: – Disinfectant Tunnel

Name: – Ganga Singh (Assistant Professor) (J.C.D.M College of Engineering, Sirsa)