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Designing and Implementing an Integrated curriculum 

The integrated curriculum is the innovative ideas of the college to make it better from the present state. The designing and implementing an integrated curriculum can be a bit struggling to put innovative ideas into reality. For better future this college doesn’t step back from struggling.

The colleges always want to teach the students so that they can learn more and be expertise in their area. The college updates its area of interest in order to make students choices of courses after 12th.

About Institution

The Jan Nayak Chaudhary Devi Lal Vidyapeeth (JCDV), is an institute that gives students the opportunity to learn in their respective fields. It is an institute that is spread over the area of 180 acres and provides many facilities among education.

This institution not only for the giveaway of knowledge of science but also in the field of medical. It has a built-in hospital with more than 110 beds. It has gyms, separate hostels for boys and girls and parks to room as well.

Designing & Integrated Curriculum

The Jan Nayak Chaudhary Devi Lal Vidyapeeth offers education in Engineering, dental care, polytechnic and computer science. In engineering, they offers bachelors and master’s degree courses. In bachelors of engineering course they provides degree as well as specialised courses in civil, electrical, mechanical, artificial intelligence and machine learning. They also have computer science based engineering. Along with this masters degrees courses are also provided from the college.

Moreover, the college students are always welcomed for any queries regarding any topic any number of times.

This institute has designed itself in such a way that cannot be compared to some other institutes. The beautiful college campus has parks with fountains that adds to the major plus point in the beauty & environment of the college.

The college campus is not only big in just land but also in their teachings ethics. They aims that a younger generation gives their time and effort into a right place and in the right field of the career. The institution do not only focus on the students to just learn and pass their exam, but to achieve something in life based on the respective field of their interest. This institution aims at making students experts in their own fields. Moreover, they not only provide their teaching facilities in offline mode, but they teach students online mode too.

In this challenging era, the college management system has managed to train their staff to improve their quality. If the lecturers, study material, assessment methods, attitude towards the students has been improved and many other thing have been re-evaluated or remake towards the improvisation of quality, which is considered as a part of implementing an integrated curriculum.

The Jan Nayak Chaudhary Devi Lal Vidyapeeth (JCDV) has been designed and willingly choose this steps in short coming to make a better future of the students. This is a move that has been spread all over world to make institutions a better place for everyone. Although there will be difficulties but the more the difficulties the better the result. The students may or may not like this but it’s for their better self.

The best part of designing the integrated curriculum is when the curriculum evolves with time and generate the results that is too up to the expectations. It will change the face of this college into a new one. The college will be remarkably be helpful to students and their guidance will help out the students to achieve their goals.